The Principle of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion crystals are projected onto the skin in a safe and uniform manner
 to exfoliate layers of the epidermis. These crystals, along with dead skin cells, are
 vacuumed into a closed filter container and discarded. A control gauge allows for 
increased vacuum for a more aggressive peel and decreased vacuum for a more 
gentle peel.
Microdermabrasion leaves your skin smooth and clean with slight temporary redness. 
Blackheads are loosened, whiteheads may empty, dark sunspots lighten, acne scars,
 enlarged pores and fine wrinkles become less prominent. Blood, containing oxygen
 and nutrients, is drawn to the surface to nourish and repair cells. The principle of
 microdermabrasion is to remove surface dead cells from the skin, bring forward
 plump, fresh, healthy cells in conjunction with collagen & elastin tissue.
1.Seborrheic  dermatitis
2.Fine lines and wrinkles
3.Pityriasis amiantacea
4.Shallow acne scars
6.Skin scars or Sun-damaged skin
7.Dull or aging skin
8.Uneven skin tone and texture
9.Tattoo removal skin
Technical Specification

Microdermasion LG-Dm1

Negative pressure

Max.-0.8 Atmospheric Pressurre

Depth microdermabrasion speed



DC 30V

Power supply

AC 220+or-10%V50Hz/60Hz 5A