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diffusion bonded crystals

These Diffusion Bonded composite crystals are used to effectively decrease heat effect of Solid-State High- Power Laser. 
● High damage threshold 
● Improve beam quality 
● Decrease thermal effect 
● Improve efficiency 
● Compact size Composite laser rod is a crystal consisting of two,three or more parts with different dopant level.Usually, doped and undoped material used. Dopant level and rod configuration can vary as well as the number of parts.It can have different wedged structure ,Brewster angles,etc. YAG+Nd:YAG+YAG  Cr4+:YAG+Nd:YAG  Yb:YAG+YAG  YVO4+Nd:YVO4  YVO4+Nd: YVO4+YVO4 

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